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    Default SOBOs Looking to Split Shuttle Cost on June 15th - Bangor to Baxter

    Hi fellow 2017 SOBOs! My wife and I set up a shuttle from Bangor-Baxter on Thursday, June 15th thru Maine Quest Adventures. I know you can take the CYR bus to Medway and get into the park from there (I took that route when I did my 2013 SOBO hike), but we decided that we'd rather get to camp a little earlier in the day to get settled in before tackling Katahdin the following day. The shuttle costs $125 for 2 people and $10 for each additional person. I wanted to place out feelers to see if anyone else will be trekking up to Baxter on June 15th and would like to split the shuttle 3/4/5/6 ways depending if anyone else joins. PM me if you're interested. Maine Quest Adventures would be picking us up at the Greyhound bus station in Bangor around 3:30pm. Thanks!

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    We get to Baxter on the 16th, let me know what you think after your summit!

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