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    Default Parking safety near Gorham, NH

    I'll be hiking up the Stony Brook Trail to the AT, then down the AT to Rt. 2. I'll need to leave a truck and small utility trailer at one end or the other. The trailer has windows that reveal a homemade bed, two cheap folding lawn chairs, and plastic drawers from WalMart. I'd assumed I'd need to pay to park this rig on private property somewhere (no valuables left inside, of course), but the WMNF ranger I spoke with thought either trailhead would be OK. There's nothing on the Rohland website to indicate any issues at either location, but I saw the NH-VT guidebook does not recommend parking at Rt. 2. I'd appreciate hearing about any positive or negative experiences at these locations.
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    Stony Brook trailhead is right across the road from a house and is the entrance to a housing development so there is lots of traffic going by. Its the more secure of the two. The RT2 parking lot is bit remote, there are houses just down the road but there is lot of traffic on RT2 so they would be less likely to notice someone going through cars. Neither one has any significant break in issues. There is hostel just a bit down the road from the RT2 parking lot and they offer shuttles so you may be able to work out a deal to park there if you get a shuttle.

    If you are real paranoid, the Gorham Police Department is right on the way of your shuttle, if you park near the town hall they tend to keep an eye on it, just walk into the town hall and let the dispatcher know you are parking there. Its less than 2 miles from the Stony Brook Trailhead.

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    I parked at the Rt. 2 trailhead (Rattle River) several days over Memorial Day last year while hiking the AT. Lotta crowds then, but my car was safe. My shuttle driver also said it's usually safe. Just some sticky stuff on my car from the trees overhead, but it all washed off easy.

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