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    Default Georgia Section Hike in May .( Looking for great camping sites.)

    My sister and I will be embarking on an entire Georgia section hike. We will start at the very beginning. We will take off May 7th .Both of us are beginners and estimate our mileage to be a slow 7 miles/day. Where are the good and safe campsites for us to utilize? Thanks a bunch!

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    First of all, there all plenty and they are all "safe". You probably want sites with access to water, and I should probably assume flat tent sites?

    Starting at FS 42 with the hike up to Springer? If a full first day, then Hawk Mt shelter will be 8m for the day. That may sound long, but its going to be the easiest section of your hike.

    Next day should be fairly hard for you and its dry for 6m until Justus Creek where you could stop. Another mile or so is Gooch shelter which is on an incline, but has several tent sites carved out downhill of the shelter.

    Without question, your next stop should be Big Cedar Mt - best view on the trail. Gas up at the Woody Gap spring as there is no water at the site, though if you want to walk further down the trail after setting up camp, there is a spring at a bend in the trail a quarter mile or so on (after the switchbacks going down). The site I'm talking about is not the first view you come to at the big rock outcropping. There is a site there down behind some rocks. Enjoy that view, but keep hiking another half mile to a blue blaze that goes up and to the right. There is a grassy area there with a similar outcropping and view.

    Its less than 6m from there to the Slaughter Creek sites past Bird Gap and the Woods Hole shelter trail. Take your time in the a.m. to enjoy the Big Cedar view some more and shorten your day as the hiking is not bad. An option if you're making good time is to go up and over Blood, enjoy the view there, and then stay at Neel Gap accommodations - an 8m day.

    You have 3 options next that are 6-8m from Slaughter, the first being Wolf Laurel Top which is another site with a view. There's a spring located a half mile prior to that spot. Less than a mile further up is a large open area to camp at Baggs Creek Gap. A half mile further is Cowrock Mt. and that's where I would stay, but being new to the trail, maybe not. Its on a side trail to the right, whereas the AT goes off to the left. No water at Cowrock either, so you'd have to gas up at the previous site.

    Next best location is probably Low Gap shelter, a large area with good stream.

    From there, a large camp exists near the Blue Mt spring, which is actually a good half mile prior to reaching Blue Mt shelter. That's an easy section and its only 6m from Low Gap shelter, but I'd probably stop at the large camp near the spring. Option is to gas up at the spring and go up the the shelter. Its all down or up for nearly 4m after that.

    Next would be the Cheese Factory site, a grassy area with a spring. There are numerous tent sites in the general area.

    My favorite spring on the Ga AT is at the next site, Sassafras Gap. Its way downhill, but worth it. The gap is a good site. If needed, Addis Gap is a larger area to camp a mile further up, but gas up at Sassafras. In a pinch, the forest rd at Addis leads to a creek a good half mile down the road.

    I don't know where you plan on stopping, but if you are hiking on, presumably to tag the border and come back to Dicks Creek Gap, then the next sites are just past the gap, and another a mile further up. I prefer the second one on a ridge off to the right (the other is off to the right also, but not on a ridge). Gas up at DCG. There is a sign for water just past the second campsite, but I've not used it so I don't know how reliable it is.

    I think the next section is the toughest hike in GA, but that's arguable. The GA/NC border is 8m from the second camp and you could camp just up from there at Bly Gap. If you're going to average 7m/day, then I'd probably stop at Rich Cove Gap 6m from the previous campsite. Water is dubious there, though, so gas up at Plumorchard shelter.

    From Rich Cove Gap to the border and back to Blue Ridge Gap would make for almost a full day if getting picked up by shuttle at BRG. If heading back down to DCG, then I'd stop at Plumorchard Shelter, and then out the next day.

    This is all based on the 7m/day average and I've hit most all of my favorite sites. Others to consider in between are:

    --Three Forks area at FS58 at 1.5m past Stover Creek shelter.
    --Cooper Gap is in the middle of the 6m dry section, but if you find yourself in a pinch and have to stop, you can setup camp at the gap and hike south down FS42 where you can find running water visible from the road.
    --Ramrock Mt is 2m from Gooch Gap and 1.5m before Woody Gap; no water, but about the only place on the trail where you can see the lights of ATL at night.
    --Lance Creek is about 2m past Big Cedar with tent sites and good stream.
    --Best night view besides Big Cedar is at the Tray Mt shelter and tent sites along the right side of the ridge as you come to the shelter.
    --good camp up and to the right a mile after Deep Gap shelter, but no water, so gas up at the shelter.

    Again, lots of options. I think I've given you most of the major ones.
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    I can vouch for the two I stayed at: Hawk Mountain campground (lots of pads, water, bear boxes, and a privy if that's your style). Lance Creek Campground, good water and a decent amount of pads, even if the main ones are full. Just go around the bend and there are more.

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    Default Georgia Section Hike in May Looking for great camping sites

    Hi all

    Very new to RVing and very excited to start

    We have family visiting from Canada this week and theyre interested to stay in or around the Peak District. Anyone know of any sites that we can stay in our Fleetwood Bounder 34m?

    Thanks in advance



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