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    Default Klymit Motion 60 at theclymb for $82

    Greetings Fellow Hikers,
    First post, long time reader. I wanted to alert everyone to a great deal at theclymb.com They currently have a 25% sale. The Klymit motion 60 pack https://www.theclymb.com/Product.asp...000&p=KMT01256, which weighs 2.5 lbs is $122.98. With their 25% off sale it goes to $92; however, if you refer a friend you get an instant $10 credit, bringing the price to $82 plus shipping. I just got the pack a couple of weeks ago when they had an 18% off tax day sale. I really like it and for $82, IMO, you can't go wrong for a pack of this caliber. If you are interested in getting $10 off on the pack pm me your email addy and I will "refer" you and you will get $10. In the interest of full disclosure, I will get a $10 credit as well for "referring" you.

    Happy Hiking,

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    I also have this pack and second the recommendation. It is light especially if you remove inflatable and use sleeping pad instead. you can also remove lid on the newer version which gets the total weight down to 35 oz.

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    The clymb is having another sale. This time it is 30% off w/ code big30. The pack is still for sale. Just FYI.

    Happy Hiking,

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