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    Default Solomon X Ultra Mid 2 GTX sizing

    Went up to REI the other day to finally replace an old, faithful pair of Merrrel Moabs. I intended to simply buy another pair of Moabs -- I've had Moabs forever, know how they fit, and they've served me well. But on a pure whim I tried on a pair of Solomon X Ultra mids...and immediately fell in love.

    They fit my feet like a glove (which is actually a bizarre metaphor, but you get what I mean.) I've had well-fitting shoes and I've had poor-fitting shoes, but these were PERFECT fitting shoes. I was wearing a pair of Darn Tough socks just as I'd wear when hiking, and it was rather late in the afternoon so that my feet had at least a little bit of swelling to them; in other words, I feel these were essentially perfect shoe fitting conditions.

    Here's the issue: I've been wearing size 8.5 (men's) in hiking shoes for a while now, and I've anticipated I may have to size up to save my toes sooner or later...but the Solomon's are *perfect* at size 8 (perfect as in, they fit better than anything I've ever worn): the heal locks in nicely, nice fit in the toebox and the toes don't seem to jam on an imitation slope, the arch is perfect, and the sides cradle my feet beautifully...yet they are a half-size SMALLER than anything I've been wearing for several years.

    I feel like verything I've been taught, learned, and experienced with shoe fitting is being challenged here. I feel like I "should" be looking at shoes a size LARGER at this point -- that is the conventional wisdom, right? I know I'm getting to be an old lady and I might be shrinking, but geez -- my feet??

    So the bottom line question is, Has anyone had similar experience fitting these Solomon X Ultra Mids? Do they tend to size small?

    Any comments or suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
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    Educated guess based on my experience with La Sportiva Ultra Raptors: Converting European sizing to US sizing. Coupled with companies vary in the lasts they use.
    My personal example: I wear Men's size 8.5 American made dress shoes. Athletic shoes from Merrill and New Balance size 9 or 9.5. Ultra Raptors: I started with size 10 and lost a couple toenails. I exchanged them for 10.5.
    Bottom line: buy on fit not size marked on shoe.

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    My experience has been that most European and Asian produced shoes are longer and narrower than my feet in the size that the fitting appliance says I need. Also I suspect a _lot_ depends on the assembly of the shoe. One pair may be assembled "loose" (on the last) the next "tight". Finally there is the error(s) that creep in due to measuring in metric (most of the world) and converting to inches (US).
    A crap-shoot for certain.

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