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    I like Kerry gold salted butter in my oatmeal, coffee, tea, ramen, potatoes sides, rice sides, noodle sides, dehydrated veggies, freeze dried dinners, soup mix, ect... Butter makes it Better! I put the softened butter into a small Nutella jar inside a ziplock. It won’t go bad over a week, but it might melt. My dog likes it with her kibble. I don’t lose weight but I eat well!

    I’ve developed milk and gluten sensitivity over the years, small amounts of gluten ok a couple times a week, butter, heavy cream and yogurt tolerated. Butter fills in caloric needs while hiking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Connie View Post
    I found Nutella substitutes at google: nutella recipe.

    Aaron Owens Mayhew, who has the The Backcountry Foodie blog, is bringing out her calories-to-weight ratio cookbook, hopefully this month. google: Aaron Owens Mayhew.
    Thank you for Aaronís name/site. Iíve made the decision to go stoveless next year, and am wanting cold soak recipes/ideas. I have a few ideas so far, but seeing what other ideas are out there.
    We donít stop hiking because we grow old, we grow old because we stop hiking.
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    It's not just about calories. Think nutritient density if you want to be healthy rather than simply fueled.
    The suggestions have all been made, but eggs, nuts, and dried meat are some of the most nutritious foods.
    Be cautious about "energy" foods.

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