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    Default AT Class of 2004 UNITES ! ! !

    Hello Fellow Hiker Trash.

    Tapeworm and I decided to set up a forum/group for the Class of '04,
    including those who hiked some or all of the trail that year. Or had
    some involvement of any kind.

    This is a great way to get back in touch with all of our old friends
    and keep in touch and up to date. As its pretty difficult to keep
    writing to everyone you'd like to. So I encourage you to join so we
    can have a nice online army.

    We are also in the works of making a dedicated webpage to the class of
    2004 with pictures and more. We'll keep the board posted on

    So to join this madness youve got to simply go to:<WBR>/AT04

    You can post by either logging in to the page, or by simply sending an email to:

    I highly recommend viewing this group in TITLES ONLY mode, as the text
    mode can get cluttered and hard to follow.

    Also, please forward this to anyone from our year, help get the word
    out. Also, Im sorry if some of you get this more than once.

    See you out there!
    DINGLE (Casey)
    GA-ME '04

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    I didn't hike in 04, but had a blast doing maitenance with you at Kinsman. hope you're enjoying your off season from the AMC. Be well brother man!

    Everything is exactly as it should be. This too shall pass.

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    Hey Puck.

    whats going on man. great to see you on here. I swear man, I still tell people that those 2 days at Kinsman was probably the most fun of the while summer. Crashing on the Lonesome crew and everything.

    whats going on now?


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