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    :banana Nobo 2018!

    Hey Hikers!

    Just wanted to introduce myself as a new member on White Blaze! Peter Pan is what my friends have deemed my trail name. ...more about that later!

    Currently I am sitting on the balcony of a hotel while on vacation in the middle of downtown Chicago. It's been months of views like this that have sealed my fate -- I have finally decided that I am ready to take the plunge and start preparing to hike the AT 2018. I've found that people around me believe the word "adventure" is merely a category on Netflix...I intend on having as many adventures as I can...but more about that later!

    Letís rewind ó Iím a 28 year old man who by all accounts has a steady life. I perform onstage for a living ó mostly national tours and cruise lines. I've seen the world but something has been missing ó that something is being outdoors, hiking, living off the land. While I lead a very different life now, I am reminded of my college and high school days full of camping and hiking trips -- and the wonderful neglecting and unplugging from the modern world. The AT is exactly the right direction to take at this point in my life, and of that I am sure.

    I am planning on a thru hike NOBO and departing during the spring of 2018.

    What Iím looking for? Thatís an open ended question really!

    First and foremost I am in search of a hiking buddy for the duration of the hike.

    Beyond companionship...

    I am looking for adventure.
    I am looking for trail camaraderie and all that entails.
    I am looking for the chance to be a part of something bigger than myself.
    I am looking for things that I wonít even realize I was in search of until I reach Maine.
    I am looking to be it's truest form.

    At this point I have ordered maybe half a dozen books and trail maps, began list, after list, after get it. I'm excited for this immense, overwhelming, and (fingers crossed) liberating journey. Join me from pre-planning to post journey and everything crazy antic in between!

    **Anyone else heading NOBO with the class of 2018 who is currently looking for a trail mate to pass the time with, contact me.
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    I plan to depart spring of 2018 as well and would like a hiking buddy that we can help push and keeps tabs on each other. I am an accountant and love my job but as you stated, I feel like something is missing. I grew up loving the outdoors (my dad could barely keep shoes on my feet) and I loved camping and hiking. I have yet to tell my boss, but I plan to take a leave of absence or resign (whichever he allows) and want to hike the trail in about 5 months or so. I could take longer, like 6 months, but would like to be home for my family by mid September. The tentative date I've picked out of the air is 4/3/18. This allows me to experience trail days, which I am looking forward to! Let me know if you'd like to plan this out more.

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    Welcome aboard! We will have an '18 board soon but in the mean time I'd suggest reading Trail Journals. WAY more fun to read the good AND the bad. I will be NOBO as well but I think I will be pushing my start to the middle of April. I love the idea of picking your start date out of mid-air! In 11 and 15 I tried St Patrick's Day. For me, The miles I made on those short March days wasn't worth carrying the extra cold weather gear. Also rain and 40 degrees is dangerous so I'm going to push back to April and try to make up the difference that way. That lets me do the ATKO at Amicalola and the April Fools Bash in Franklin. There will be tons of shuttle opportunities if I don't make it to Damascus in time for Trail Days. This trip will be really different for me because I think I'm going to bring my dog. He ought to make the prep hikes from now until then more fun and less like exercise.
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