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Thread: Colorado Trail

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    Default Colorado Trail

    Greetings White Blazers. The wife and I (of Dave and Lynn fame if you have met us on the trail) are planning on doing a section of the Colorado Trail and are considering the last hundred miles of the southern section, roughly Stoney Pass Trail Head (Sec. 24) to Durango. Has anyone cached food along this route? If so how easy was it and did anyone mess with your cache? Also does anyone know what the water situation is this year along the CT? Any suggestions for shuttles? Thinking of leaving a car in Silverton, getting a shuttle to the northern part of our hike and then catching the train from Durango back to Silverton. As always any suggestions or comments are most appreciated.

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    Your two concerns

    1. Legality
    2. Pkan B if its not there

    Regarding 1.
    36 CFR prohibits storing food or supplies in wildeness areas

    Regarding 2.
    If theres a plan B, why isnt it just plan A?

    Its 75 miles from silverton to durango
    5 days for average people
    No need for cacheing anything
    Theres no need fo

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    Hide and secure your cache well at Stoney Pass if you cache there.

    If you're asking for a shuttle from Silverton to Stoney Pass you might contact the Silverton Hostel. It's the shortest distance I can think of to anyone nearby that might offer a shuttle. If you're willing to extend your hike by starting at Hwy 149 at Spring Creek Pass you might be able to arrange for a shuttle from Lake City via Ravens Rest Hostel that caters to hikers. Might also get a shuttle in Creede too. It's a nice hike with some ridgeline hiking across exposed Snow Mesa and to Stoney Pass where you get more of it until you drop down into Elk Creek. At Molas Pass do a resupply nearby using Molas CG. Really, little need to do a cache.

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    Thanks Dogwood much appreciated!!

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