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    Default 3/4 LT starting the 9th. Any 2017 wisdom?

    I am slated to start this Saturday at the southern end. This was going to be a father-son trip, but due to illness my father had to bow out. I was planning to just leisurely hike to Rutland or perhaps a bit further with him, but now am unsure. I am leaning toward making it to Appalachian gap or Stowe. Have done this previously in a similar amount of time 2 work weeks off.

    How has it been the past few weeks on the trail? Any good collective wisdom we've gotten over this season? I've heard hanging food is recommended near Goddard due to some bear issues but that's it. Also, anyone starting around the same time?

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    Looking wet the next few days so expect fresh mud Water sounds low in general but shelter sources holding up. Bear reports have quieted down but with Fall coming on hanging is probably a good idea most places as they'll be getting their hunger on about now.

    I'm SOBO a week later so not sure I'll cross paths with you before you get off trail as I am hoping to go pretty slow. Be safe, have fun, take pics!
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