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    thecornflake, any updates?

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    Lot's of good advice here. Let me add or emphasize the following:

    1. Hydration - you know you need to drink more, both because of the aridity and the elevation. Make sure you have sufficient electrolytes because water alone can throw your system out of wack.

    2. I second the use of Mags' guide for your plannng, especially for transportation logistics and resupply.

    3. Regarding supply, I don't think it's all or none in the matter of maildrops vs. in-town purchasing. Jefferson and Twin Lakes are two good resupply locations trail mileage-wise, but with limited supply options in their small stores. I'd send mail drops there, especially since you have a Denver friend who can help you.

    4. Everyone acclimates at a different pace. I recommend starting slow with low-mileage days while listening to your body. If you have no discernible issues, then increase your mileage. Of course you should be aerobically fit at the outset, but fitness doesn't guarantee easy acclimation.

    5. Back to hydration: some stretches of the CT feature little or no water notwithstanding what the guidebook may say. Make sure you keep in touch with the Colorado Trail Foundation, Facebook groups, and hikers you meet while on your hike. We had some stretches fo move than 10 miles without water and areas where we had to fish it out of small pools or press our cups into wet grass.

    Hope it works for you!

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