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    A few years ago I realized a continuous network of trails stretched across the PA Wilds, following both backpacking and connector trails. I always thought this could be a premier hiking route. After hiking extensively in the region I came up with the most scenic and feasible route, featuring vistas, waterfalls, vast meadows, streams, big rocks, diverse forests, isolation, superb camping, canyons, gorges, and wild elk. The route goes through four rural communities. There is no bushwhacking or new trail construction; it only follows existing trails. It is about 171 miles long, from Parker Dam State Park to Arnot Road. Hopefully this will attract more hikers across the vast trail system in the PA Wilds.

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    Very nicely thought out. I use an almost identical picture of the vista off the parking area near trout run road on the bft, the angle and the fog are almost perfect.

    One note, about 2 months ago, I was attempting to do the west rim trail in one night, with shaving a mile or two off by starting out on the bohen trail, but it was temporarily closed due to a small mudslide. Being how popular that group of trails are, I'd imagine it'll be fixed very soon if not already.

    Fantastic pics! I truly love these secluded jems in north-central pa.

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    In case you don’t know about the continuous foot trail called the mid state trail that runs the length of PA, make sure you check it out!
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    Jeff had conceptualized; eventually persuaded the organization to go along (instead of starting from the north end of WRT and going on); and much of the way in detail laid out; the part of the MST included in this PA Wilds Trail route.

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    I see my link didn't work.

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    Someone recently hiked most of the PAWT, here is his trip report with photos. He really enjoyed it and his photos clearly show this is a high quality hiking route.

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