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    Default BMT campsites

    I've printed the addendum pages to Sgt. Rock's guide that cover the 2014 reroute just south of Fontana, but they don't indicate any established campsites in a 10 mile stretch that I don't want to push through. Does anyone know of any spots between mile 183 (FS 251) north to mile 192 (where it intersects with the AT) that just might not be marked on the guide? I know there is a side trail to a lodge (?) around mile 189, but I'm not looking to stay in a lodge. Perhaps someone knows if they allow camping or if there is a stealth spot near that side trail?

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    If you're talking about the old Yellow Creek Mt trail, well, it has a dozen decent tent sites between Tapoco Lodge/Hiway 129 crossing and Lookout Rock above Fontana. Check them out---
    Trip 156 186-XL.jpg
    I am heading north on the BMT and this is after the Tapoco climb on Yellow Creek Mt Trail and the FS road 251 turnoff. To the left in this gap is a fine little campsite.

    Trip 156 190-XL.jpg
    Halfmile Gap on 251A has this campsite (and there's a spring nearby).

    Trip 156 203-XL.jpg
    This spot at FS road 251B (with water back on 251A)

    Trip 156 224-XL.jpg
    And then there's this fantastic spot right on top of Yellow Creek Mt Top---great if you don't mind humping water up the STEEP trail.

    Trip 156 333-XL.jpg
    Here's one of my maps of the section.

    Trip 156 232-XL.jpg
    And here's what's really neat: When you get to Green Gap and Lookout Rock, instead of turning left on the BMT and down to Fontana---If you go straight on the old AT and follow the faint trail you'll reach Walker Gap (this picture) on the AT and far above Fontana heading south towards Cable Gap shelter.

    Remember, the Yellow Creek Mt trail used to be the old AT before Fontana dam was built---and so it went from Tapoco all the way to Walker Gap. Most of it now is the BMT.

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    My notes from my 2014 thru indicate that I camped 2.1 miles north of the YCMT junction, just past Bearpen Gap.

    There is a public campground, just off the trail, on on the north side of the lake, before you get to the YCMT. Cross the 129 bridge in front of Cheoah Dam and then turn left/west on to River Rd. I had planned to camp here, but when I arrived there were some squatters there who were living out of a van. Didn't feel right, so I hiked on.

    Another option would be to push on the the Fontana Dam Shelter, just past the lodge.

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