I lived in a NC ridgetop Tipi for 21 years w/o electricity and relied on these things for cooking, heat and light.

First, a good wood stove which cooked food like brown rice on top.

Second, an old style Coleman white gas two burner stove like this---it complimented my white gas backpacking stoves (Svea 123; MSR Whisperlite/Simmerlites).

Third, for light nothing beats an Aladdin kerosene lamp--equivalent to a 60 watt lightbulb---
I vented this baby with a small 5 inch pipe running out the tipi next to my woodstove pipe.

After moving from the Tipi and living in a tent w/o a woodstove I used this for heat connected with a long tube to a 25 lb propane tank---

And in the tent I used this cut down propane stove---

Here's my Cabelas tent in TN using the Mr Buddy heater hooked up with the tank---

Chickasaw Creek Camp-XL.jpg