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    Cool Amicalola State Park: Free Shelter?

    Planning on doing the approach trail and making a few early contacts to ensure my start date goes smoothly. I read in another thread that there may be a shelter at Amicalola, can anyone confirm? I remember a few up the trail a bit but nothing at the park entrance, of course I wasn't really looking for one either.
    I am planning to book a campsite for the night (may just hike up the trail a bit to save the $30) but wanted to check.

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    There is a shelter just behind the visitors center on the approach trail. It is labeled for thru hikers only, not sure if anyone would bother you if you stayed there. There are some passable campsites just outside of the park boundary on the approach trail as well.

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    Wonderful! That is $30 more for chinese buffets and AYCE pizza.
    Thanks for the info.

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