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    Default Where is the best spot to camp along Section 6?

    Where is the best place to camp along Section 6 (between Shallowford Bridge and Laurel Creek Rd)? Ideally would want to camp somewhere along the intersection of the BMT and Stanley Gap Trail. I'll be hammocking so don't necessarily need a flat spot but would want to have a water source close by.

    Let me know if you guys have any favorite spots, thanks!

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    I can give you advice on where not to camp.

    I camped near Fall Branch falls and don't recommend it. It was trashy, next to an ATV path, and too close to roads. I could see headlights from passing cars from my tent and was afraid to use my headlamp in case it alerted someone to my presence. Didn't sleep at all that night.

    edit.. in case you haven't seen it, this may give you some ideas

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