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    Default OSMANS+ / Guthooks Question: How to use vector maps from SD Card

    Okay, I have an older Galaxy S5 that has an extended battery for extra juice on the trail. This unit is used only for accessing Guthooks app and OSMAND maps for either hiking or cycling (and doing some notes for a journal). I run the unit in airplane mode and when in civilization, then upload when I have wifi.

    Problem is that it is only a 16 GB S5, so I put in an extra 32 GB SD Card to expand my memory. My question is how to load the different sections of the AT and / or Vector files for OSMAND onto the SD card and utilize this for the two different apps. OSMAND vector maps are sizable (usually 200 to 300 MB in size) for the different states and the Guthook AT sections take up room also.

    Presently, i have about 4 GB of space on the device and 31 GB of space on the card. Goal is to load these trail maps and sections onto the SD card, and when the program needs to access a different section, then load them from this card. I need an Android whiz for some help. I am not finding my answer from any of the traditional sources like YouTube or Google. Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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