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    Default The 2018 Thru-Hikers' Companion is on the shelves

    The 2018 Thru-Hikers' Companion is out. The tables have a new look, and the profiles have been updated to reflect relos in Georgia and the Smokys.

    The are several ways to buy, through the ATC, the ALDHA website, or you can save a couple bucks and buy through Amazon. You can also join ALDHA for $10 and get the PDF for free. Mrs Gorp who restyled the tables, also made all the links blue in the PDF. If it's on your smartphone, the links are live for phone numbers (will bring up the dialer with number), and of course websites and email.




    Do the trail a favor, do the ATC a favor, do ALDHA a favor, do YOURSELF a favor and order a copy or the PDF today!

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    BTW, we need a couple field editors in Pennsylvania. One from Pen-Mar to Boiling Springs. And one from Port Clinton to DWG. I suppose the same person could do both if they were inclined. Trailangel Mary does the middle part.

    Send me a PM or email if you're interested.


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    I love the Thru-Hikers' Companion. Have purchased one every year since 2013 and will buy the 2018 edition too. IMHO it's THE BEST, most comprehensive single AT guidebook out there. And its purchase also supports two great Appalachian Trail associations, the ATC and the ALDHA, as well as its small army of volunteer field personnel and editors.
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