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    You might want to look at Bluebird, an unbanked prepaid card that American Express manages for Wal-Mart.

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    Most people these days would probably not even know what a traveler's check is...they'd look at you like you just tried to pay with monopoly money. I think you'd have a pretty hard time finding someone to cash them for you. In the US you can buy a prepaid debit card just about anywhere...load all of your money on that and you'd be good to go.

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    The thing to do might be to arrive in the US with traveler's checks and convert them to cash as soon as you get here and then load the cash onto a debit card.

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    Possibly a different bank in the UK that has no fees for ATM usage and no exchange fee? My daughter works for the Peace Corps in Zambia and their card they were signed up for was through Barclays because they had no international ATM fees and no exchange charges. She recently changed that for a local bank that has only one branch so they cover the ATM fees and they also have no exchange fees for international ATMs.

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    Default Cash / credit card on the AT

    once again thanks the replies and good info..
    I'm not going with a cc, if its not in my name! i don't want it to be some else's responsibility!
    pre paid it's is... looked at,
    Revolut.. seem good...but can't get in touch with any to ask questions, before install the app.. Did that...and the support is terrible... plus it links phone to bank account and needs Internet data.. I see that being a pain to sort out. .

    the two that seem OK. . are Easyfx and Weswap.. few limitations but together should work OK. .
    thanks for the PayPal idea never thought about that!....only normally use that for ebay and amazon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gambit McCrae View Post
    everyone takes cash....for a 2 week trip I keep $400 on me, people say oh don't keep a lot of cash on you!!! Well why does it matter if I got $20 or $400? Anyway, I keep 1 debit card, 1 credit card and that amount of cash. If I get down to $100 cash I start looking for a cash resupply.
    Exactly what I do. All three need to be carried, and there will be situations requiring one of these. Use the debit card where you can, and the cash where itís the only option. The credit card is the backup to cover low remaining funds in the debit card.

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    See if you can open a Capital One 360 online bank account from the UK. Their debit card is great, no atm fees at a large number of places and no foreign fees. I’ve used mine in Vietnam and when riding my motorbike across the US and never paid fees.

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    my DD card is going to charge me 2.75% on every in and out transaction (so on my understanding, in restaurants will get charge for the bill + commission 15% block + 2.75% + refund commission + 2.75%) but what the hell hay.....

    just ordered my two cards
    Caxton and Easyfx

    thanks again... money sorted

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    I like cash.
    Carried about $1500 on my recent Via Dinarica hike this past summer.
    No problems, except the dollar kept dropping.
    Cash is still legal in the US.
    I hear in Sweden, it's frowned upon.

    ps. I use a moneybelt. Never felt threatened.
    Don't let your fears stand in the way of your dreams

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    Travelers checks are the best way to store "cash". If stolen, can be replaced and can be cashed at any bank.

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    Get a Schwab investor account with high yield checking account. No fees, no minimums and All ATM fees from other banks are returned to your account at month end, even international ATM fees. Been with them for years making no investments and paying NOTHING for my checking/ATM use. Best customer service ever.

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    I actually had that problem once. I was unemployed and for some crazy reason nobody would give me a loan for a car. I mean, what were they thinking? It's not like I didn't have a credit history. The last time I had been employed, my dad had co-signed for a car and I hardly ever missed a payment before I was forced to sell it (when those jerks at Burger King fired me just for sleeping in a few times!). And now even my cruel dad turned me down! Talk about child abuse!

    I finally solved it, though. I got another job. Turned out, the military was hiring! And they even paid for me to go to college, so when I got out I didn't have to work for Burger King. With my military pay, I had no trouble getting a loan for a car, and this time I tried a little harder to pay the note on time, which fixed my credit problem. Eventually, I got out of the military, and after a brief 40 year confinement in a Fortune-500 cell, I retired a 401K millionaire. And then went hiking on the AT.

    I took a credit card and about $20 in small bills.

    Problem solved!

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