Hi all, I am in early planning stages but would love ANY feedback.

This June I am planning on walking Sections 1-4 on the MST and connecting to the BMT via the Smokies to get down to Springer Mountain. The hike will be around 600 +/- with excursions on the Art Loeb Trail and maybe in the Smokies. Has anyone thought/ or done something like this? Please give me any feedback!
Here's some more specific queries:

1) Recommendations on if I should start the hike on Springer or Pisgah NF? Any reason to start in one place or the other?

2) I'm *hoping* to be able to leave my vehicle near to Knoxville TN and utilize shuttles/ greyhounds to get to the two trail heads (Amicalola SP and Beacon Heights Overlook TH). Does this make sense or could there be a better way to transport? It seems like it may be possible to shuttle from Knoxville to Amicalola, has anyone had experience?

3) ANY other beta or thoughts about this hike! Are there other side bits such as Art Loeb that I should check out while hiking through these sections? Any advice for getting into the Smokies? I understand that bits of the BMT may be overgrown in the summer but I am prepared for some torn up shins!