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    I used the AWOL guidebook on my 1st attempt, some sections, and finally my thru. I loved the town maps and all and it was really easy to navigate (I got the .pdf version this last trip). Guthooks, I learned along the way, was a lot better for instant info like water sources or whatever due to the comment sections. It also showed a few other trails, waterfalls, and interseting sights along the way where AWOL was pretty specific and thru hiker based, I thought. Either will do the trick, but the best thing to do is plan for water sources, wander the towns, and have fun exploring. Use either one sparingly. If I had to pick, I'd choose AWOL only due to the fact that it would reside in the pack longer than Guthooks as I'd be looking at Guthooks a lot more (if that makes sense).
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    Those used to be available as apps.

    Great maps.

    I have MDNoVA; Shenandoah and I regret not having bought the others before they ceased to cell them. Potomac Appalachian Trail Club Maps.

    They cover not only the trail but the areas around it (and thus "off" trail camp grounds, for example, that are only .5 miles or less off the trail). no longer sells the App and iTunes doesn't show it either. When I contacted them they told me that they were discontinuing the app maps as not enough people were buying them.

    But they were great. Full topo maps with roads and everything for 5-10 miles in every direction away from the trail.

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    Don't get me wrong. I love Guthooks. My wife and I both bought copies of the App. But it just isn't the full topo with all the labels that the PATC app had/has.

    Most of what is for sale on the app store now really isn't much or worth much.

    Though I really like the Whiteblaze book. It was surprisingly good. And I bought a copy of the guide, will get another when I get close to doing a through hike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ldsailor View Post
    First, this topic has been covered ad nauseam. You can do a search for other threads on this topic.

    Anyway, Guthook is good for determining where water, view areas, shelters, camp sites, etc. are and how far. It also has information on towns and off trail places to stay. The AWOL guide has the same, but most hikers who have Guthook, too, use the guide for planning purposes more than on trail usage. That's not to say the AWOL guide is not used on the trail. I've seen plenty of hikers pull out a page of the guide to navigate. I, however, use Guthook exclusively when hiking.

    BTW. Ditto on the wet phone. The touch screen just doesn't work when it's wet and/or your hand is wet.
    Search really doesn't do that well for me on-site -- though I have often googled things and found them on-site much better. I'm not sure what makes search so difficult either.

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    I have used AllTrails and Guthook and prefer Guthook. I also use an actual map folded up in my pocket. I do a lot of searching on-line and look through my AT guide prior to my section or day hikes. But, while on the trail I like the map and the Guthook ap from my phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deacon View Post
    AS A “hobby”, I like to keep the current page of AWOL’s guide in the clear plastic sleeve he provides, in the side pocket of my pack, and refer to it at every landmark I come to. It’s just what I enjoy doing. I always know my progress, and can see the elevations ahead of me.
    I can understand this.... I used to fly a lo as a private pilot, and I always had a folded chart on my knee and followed along with a finger where I was most all the time.... and since I've always been a map lover this came natural to me. It's just fun in some weird way to maintain situational awareness. I think it helps to have better developed memory about where I've been.
    I think I'll start trying this on the trail perhaps.

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