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    Default AT Thru-hike Itinerary from 2013

    Are you an older hiker seeking to thru-hike the AT? What sort of pace should you expect on the AT? There are a lot of variables to that question. Hopefully, this post might provide some help in planning your 2018 thru-hike.

    In 2013, I thru-hiked the AT NoBo. Trail-name = Zman. I was 58 yrs old at the time. I had 18 yrs of backpacking experience. I was in pretty good shape starting out - running, lifting, hiking, etc. In fact, the week prior to my AT start, I did a Boy Scout backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon (about my 13th time hiking the Big Ditch). So, big climbs did not intimidate me. I knew I could do it but it would still be hard. I kept my base packweight down below 20 lbs (I think around 18 lbs at the start). I purposely kept my daily mileage down at the start to allow my body to adjust to the rigors of a thru-hike. After Damascas, I found myself picking up the pace (usually taking one day less between re-supply towns that what I originally planned). Toward the end (NH & ME), I found that I couldn't maintain the same pace & had to back it off a bit.

    In the signature line of this comment, there is a link to my actual hiking itinerary for my hike. In includes the start and end location of each day. It shows the daily mileage as well as a running average mpd pace along the way. It also includes the start and end times of each day's hike (except where I lost a couple of days worth of data) and the time duration of each day's hike. It shows the location of my resupply locations (mostly mail drops). Some of the hostels I stayed at may no longer be in business.

    Reader's Digest version of the hike: 152 days; 12 zeros; averaged 14.4 mpd; median = 15.2M; avg w/o zeros = 15.6; median w/o zeros = 15.7; shortest day = 4.1M; longest day = 25.6M. Where did I sleep on the trail? Shelters = 74 nights; tent = 14 nights; hostels = 36 nights, & motels = 36 nights (yep, I spent some of my grandkid's inheritance).

    I hope this will be of some assistance to this year's hikers. Happy trails and good luck on your hike.
    2013 AT Thru-hike: 3/21 to 8/19

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    This is useful and interesting information, Carl. It also makes for fun reading. A few questions for you to chew over:
    1. Favorite section of the trail?
    2. Honorable mention sections of the trail?
    3. Most memorable experience on the trail?
    4. Toughest experience?
    5. Toughest stretch?
    6. Most memorable hiker you met?
    7. Favorite shelter/night location?
    8. Scariest moment?
    9. Worst weather experience?
    10. Did you have trouble readjusting to real life following your hike?

    That list isn't intended to be like an onerous writing assignment. But if reminiscing suits you, I'll enjoy reading whatever you share with us.

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