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    Default help with sleeping bag for march! what are you taking?

    ok..I'm stubborn,
    ive carry my -15c synthetic, big, heavy sleeping bag with me on my hikes in Scotland.. and its done well in my hammock and ground.. its not going to be helpful on the AT!

    im not ultralight, not rich, not into brand names..
    I did the west highland way with my axe and saw.. with my 3y old 100l ebay bag! & too avoid over priced food on the trip.. carried most of my food for the 96miles.. stubbon I tell you.. lol
    last year I walked 500 miles in a circle, cost2cost, Sothern upland way, up and down the coastal paths! so I don't mind walking and did planed on using most off my gear! to save money.. don't think its going to work!

    as the AT is going to be a different hike, I'm telling myself..... make it easier on yourself!

    I've been looking at info on Thetrek and they suggest around -6c, people send one home and pick up a summer one..etc
    and to be honest I have dyslexia I don't get weights and getting lost with all the numbers.. down 900..850.. I just cant take the info in!
    I just buy what I can afford, put it in my rucksack, pick it up... if it feels ok, great hike away...
    hope that explains where I'm coming from!

    with great advice off here, to pin pointing items, I've got a new hammock and tarp... lighter then my normal ones.
    now for the sleeping bag!

    what bag are you taking?

    I only want to buy one! can't post back to the UK.
    bag and liner?, post bag up the trail when warmer!
    or get one to cover the cold temps and sleep on top in warm weather (my normal way)

    this is one I managed to find! will it be any good for the trail? or is it crap!? for me the price is half the weight of my normal bag!

    PipeDream 600 Hydrophobic lightweight sleeping bag -12˚C limit 3 - 4 season lightweight sleeping bag weighing 1085 g
    PipeDream 400 Hydrophobic down sleeping bag -6˚C
    will need xlong added weight there..

    any help would be appreciated

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    If you ask your question here without the metric system you will get a better response. One bag for the entire trail, get one rated for 15F or 20F as light weight as you can afford with some sort of bottom quilt for the hammock. Don't bring the axe or saw.

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    sorry, I forgot about the conversion.
    PipeDream 600 Hydrophobic lightweight sleeping bag -12˚C/10.4F limit 3 - 4 season lightweight sleeping bag weighing 1085g/2.39lb £275 / $380

    I do have a under quilt from me hammock.. I didn't think twice about it, saw and axe are stopping at home..

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    REI CO-OP Radient 19 sleeping bag. $200-$220 depends on size. Have REI send it to the REI store that’s most convenient to the Atlanta Airport. Collect the bag and anything else you need from REI on the way to the AT. Pay REI the $20 membership fee. Your dividend from the sleeping will pay for the membership.
    Enjoy the USA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goingforalittlewalk View Post

    any help would be appreciated
    Since you are using a Hammock...this data may be useful.

    I have documented a 40°, 25°-35°, and a 5°-10° quilt over the last 100 days in temp ranges from 10°-60°.

    I used the same UQ for every test.

    I live in SouthEastern TN about 1.5-2 hours away from the Southern Terminus of the AT.
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    I tend to believe that quality gear holds up and is less expensive over time... remains to be seen with my bag though as I'm now to it.

    Enlightened Equipment Revelation quilt - 10F so a bit warm for the AT but it wasnt that much more expensive than the 20F and is thus more versatile. 668g (23.6oz) including the stuff sack.

    Not budget but (~$400) but a small company with gear that is made to order.

    Have a great hike!

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    Default help with sleeping bag for march! what are you taking?

    thanks for the info. ..

    I ordered an EE also... but went with -20f.. just going to carry a fleece at the beginning for any cold nights. ..

    looking forward to see picked my colours..

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    I have a 32-degree down bag and a 10-degree down bag (and a -20 degree bag not pertinent here :-) and am debating which to start out at Springer with on 14 March. I have a thin bag liner which is supposed to add 8 extra degrees of warmth, but I'm a little skeptical about that. The common wisdom seems to be that a 32-degree bag will be too cool in March and perhaps early April on the AT. But based on the mountain top temperatures I've been seeing, I suspect I could get away with starting out with my 32-degree bag with the liner and perhaps sleeping in my down sweater on a particularly cold night in the tent - and saving a little over 1 pound in base weight. Does that sound reasonable or should I just haul the 10-degree bag until I get through GSMNP?

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