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    Default Poncho Liner underquilt

    Has anyone folded a poncho line in half and used it a an u/q? While I have used a poncho liner for a warm weather u/q, I am considering folding my old poncho liner (and I do mean OLD) in half and giving it a go as a 30 degree u/q. Measurements would be 3.5' x 5' when folded in half my feet would be exposed (no problem). Just seeing if anyone has given this a shot or not.


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    There are destructions on YT for making a PLUQ (poncho liner underquilt).

    I used a video by "kdawgcrazy" a couple of years ago, easy to follow and effective.

    Not sure I'd try it much bekow 45ish but everyone sleeps different, good luck!

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    I do use a PLUQ and like it very much. I have taken mine down to below 40 but that was a little uncomfortable. I would say 40 is the cut off for me with no pad. If you are handy and frugal then yes do it, It is a fun project that has a rewarding outcome. I went a little further and took it to the sewing machine and can slip in a custom cut Z-Lite pad. If you don't sew, the worst case is you still have a Poncho Liner or a Throw. Have fun with it.

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