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    Sounds like you did what you could to help the guy be safe, and luckily things turned out okay.

    Out of curiosity, which mountain was this? I stayed in Bad Aussee for a week in 2015 and did some hiking around there. Mainly down in the valleys and around the lakes because it was rainy and foggy most of the time, though. Couldn't even see most of the mountains, but in the rare moments the sun popped out, wow! It's a gorgeous area.
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    I'm glad it worked out, made the story come full circle in a good way by the end.

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    Welcome to our country, Bad Aussee is one of the most picturesque places here. A day's hike distance from my home.
    The mountain in my story is Mt. Dachstein, the highest in our state, the place where Kenneth Chichovitz, US-Army member then, survived 19 days back in the 80ties.

    Thanks for all the encouraging words, we belive we did right, but it was a heavy bit of gambling too.
    But then, young people need to live their life, not be frightened to death.

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