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    The trails are steep. I think freshly coming out of the Notch, between Rt 26 and 17 may seem tame in comparison. The Bald Pates, Frye Notch, Old Blue and that climb up to the height of the Land all kinda sucked. Not real tall, but steep.
    i did it SOBO. i remember the descent down through the height of land and at the end into grafton notch. i dont recall them being all that tough though. i remember especially being surprised that the descent of baldpate wasnt more challenging.

    ive read many people talk about how hard old blue is. all i remember about that mountain is camping at the summit and the stars at night. the hike up and down it left absolutely no impression of any kind on my memory.

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    Never a dull moment in Maine - it's one damn thing after another. Can't beat it though, it's unique.
    The AT - It has it's ups and downs...

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