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    Default nytimes: getting rid of trail trash... Nepal. This puts the AT trash problem in perspective.

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    After years of neglect by the elite

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    $ is why they put up with it.

    Generally the third world is a pretty nasty and trash strewn place. Cleaning up trash isn't your first priority when you're wondering where your next meal is going to come from.

    But even those well enough off have the mentality it seems to leave trash everywhere. In the country I'm in right now some awesome natural areas are spoiled near Civilization by trash. Locals arrive and camp and cook and eat and leave trash. Sometimes full garbage bags of trash. In places where there's nobody to pick the trash up. It's a mindset where sometimes many people just don't care. I went hiking in a canyon nearby last week on my day off and had to be careful in the photos I took not to include.....trash.

    But most of this trash on Everest is coming from tour operators and their for-pay clients.
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    They aren't enforcing the rules because they are making too much money off the hikers. It's a business.

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