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    Exclamation Electric Shaver On The Trail

    A friend of mine was recommending a electric shaver for the the trail. (Short trips only.) Really?? I'm not sure if any model would hold up to all the bumps it would receive in the pack and then shave my tough beard like a pro. Has anyone tried of electric shaver on the trail and if so, how did it hold up? (Yes I know the weight is a issue but hate looking like a hairy version of Big Foot when I hike.)

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    I've been waiting for this post. Trail showers take 90% of the trail off me, a shave would get me to 100%. Evening would go from great to freakin awesome, clean, refreshed and feeling sharp. 3-10 days trail stubble just makes the whole deal a little more raw- great for those who embrace any form of suck but the more comfortable I am and the less the trail impacts it, the more its just a walk in the park with benefits.

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    I bring along an electric razor, Ti UL coffee press, fisherman's camp chair and personal cup cozy on every camping, I mean hiking trip.

    Saw two AT and a PCT thrus carrying one. One tidy stock broker type male. He even had cologne and dry shaving powder. The other two were woman. One in the middle of a FTM sex change. The other a post menopausal feminist. They had no problem carrying one. It was just what they did.

    Buy a disposable razor in town or what I do is drop a disposable in a mailed resupply box picked up about every third resupply. Drop a small bottle of Dr Bronners Peppermint in there too for showers, shaving, monkey butt, and washing laundry and gear.

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    I quit shaving more than once/week at home a few yrs back
    Too much trouble, all for...????

    I run clippers over my face once per week mostly now, rarely shave. I just dont like it that close.

    Besides, women surveys also say they prefer a little stuble. But not beards. Who am i to dissapoint them?

    I will shave in town periodically with disposeable razor. I cant stand about 3 weeks when hair curls back into neck and gets itchy.

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    I have a Domo do7038 and carry and use it for every trip thats longer than just a few days. Charges via USB.
    Its weak and sounds like choking and throtteling at every single hair, but at the end it works fine, if slow.
    It misses a long-hair cutter, so I would need scissors too (the one on the Swiss Army knife works great).

    I've tried disposable razors but found that the skin got too much irritated and the sweat burnt too hot the next day.

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