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    Hello everyone. I have been using crocs (standard issue) as camp shoes for years now. The only time i don't take them along, is when i'm in a really muddy or wet area, that will require multiple creek crossings. I use sandals for that, and just hike in them. The crocs are lighter ( i like light...a lot), relatively inexpensive, provide toe protection, are quick to put on and off, can be used to cross creeks, are really comfortable, and lets face it folks.....very sexy!!!
    With a flip-flop (as a Thru hike, not the footwear) in mind, i must admit that i cant see wearing crocs in those wet areas of New England/Maine, they're just not stable footwear. Can anyone suggest a good lightweight sandal that is comfortable and could be hiked all day in if it were needed? I cant wear the thong type, they drive me insane.

    Thanks in advance-

    "Every step forward in Crocs, is two steps backward for Mankind!" -Unknown

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    Keen Newport. A sandal can do all you ask for in Crocs and also be your hiking footwear. No need for redundant footwear.

    Don't like Keen sandals other sandal companies have adopted similar designs. What I take from that is the Keen sandal design works so well for so many it's worth copying to other sandal jump on the bandwagon manufacturers.

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    Late to the party. Sorry. Xero sandals have a 500 mile guarantee. The model I wear weighs 11.2 ounces and they have a lighter model! Your foot is strapped in, no thingy between your toes. But you better be ready for a "close to barefoot" sensation.

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