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    Default Need help with Ley Maps!!

    Hey guys so Im low key freaking out. I leave in a week but I am trying to find out where the declination is labeled on the Jonathan Ley Maps. I have searched everywhere on the maps and there does not seem any questions similar to this on the web. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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    I would think you could find the current magnetic declination from the internet for the area the maps are for. Maps are drawn in reference to true north and the compass must be compensated for magnetic north and that wanders a little from year to year.
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    I haven't looked over Ley's maps for a few yrs. They were my primary map source for a CDT SOBO but I used other maps - NG TI NP maps, Wilderness Area, NG TI CO maps, Nat Forest, etc based largely on what Yogi recs in her CDT Guide(I'm a map person too as she is) that had mag declin on them. Since I was supplementing with these other maps to get the "bigger" pic often they mostly sufficed to cross check the mag declin with this site I took many alternates and created a few myself. It wasn't an "official" this is the CDT and that's it CDT SOBO cookie cutter the CDT thru hike crowd is slowly morphing into and as the AT has long been. I had no GPS. By map and compass navigation I never became truly lost, temporarily misdirected a few times though.

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    you can also email him direct, here's his website:

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