Hey guys!

I have seen so many questions similar but not exactly what I am looking for so I am sorry for the annoyance. I printed out (and donated of coarse) the Ley Maps as a backup if my phone dies, but I will mainly use guthook for my 2018 Sobo thru hike. Do both Ley maps and Bear Creek maps have the same route? I tried to compare the similarity of guthook vs Ley Maps and there seems to be a few differences in routing (where the trail is) (I could be completely wrong about this I still have yet to learn map and compass.) I guess Im just asking if what I will be using a good combo?

Last question. I have the Fly Creek HV UL 1. I like this tent, Ive spent a month using it on the AT. But I usually sleep with my pack inside my tent. It is a bit cramped in there so I was thinking if I could put the rain cover on the pack and put it on the ground with the waist buckles facing upwards, under the rain fly, still outside of the actual tent. I fear that mice will eat theyre way through the bag though and I want to know if you guys think of this.

Thanks for your time!!