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Thread: 2039 thru hike

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    Default 2039 thru hike

    Who's planning a thru hike this far out not sure if 2039 will be the year but just courios to see if any one is like me and wanting to do a thru hike when they retire if all goes well I will be 55 then. I do section hiking about once a year and have all but 60 or so miles from Spinger to Fontana

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    Yikes! I'll be 80 in 2039! Not much chance I'll be thru-hiking that year, but I sure as heck plan to still be walking, still be climbing, still be listening to the wind and the trees.

    I hope you've got several outdoor adventures in mind for the next 20 years before retirement.

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    2030 is my year. But it will not be a thru hike. I will have sectioned hiked the southern half by then and plan to finish the norther half in one or two LASH starting in 2030

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    I hunt a lot so there will always be outdoor activities but also section hike when I can have not been in 2 years but I'm sure there will be some hiking in there to

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