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OK equal time for the carnivore option. Avoid insulin spikes and crashes, and eventual T2D. High satiety, low hunger. Protein is the key! Burn you own body fat. Low inflammation and ancestrally approved.

We made wonderful breakfasts using dried steak or hamburger, mixed with dehydrated whole eggs and dehydrated cheddar cheese (or dried parmesean). Many possible combinations.

Lunch? Elephant ear jerky made from carne asada, well spiced but no sugar.

Dinner? Steak or hamburger mixed with dried vegetables and more dried cheese powder. Spices. Many variations possible. Dribble on some olive oil.

Very lightweight (1.5 lbs/day for two), nutritious, avoiding the low protein sugar-laden carby garbage hiker fare (never again Little Debbie!. Prioritizing protein is especially important if you are over 50. For more info https://www.thepediet.com/ (no conflict, although full disclosure the author is my doctor).
I think you're the person I'm looking for. How do you dehydrate ground beef? What kind of dehydrator do you use?