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    Default Timberline Lake Trailhead Hitch

    We are hoping to hitch from Timberline Lake Trailhead to Leadville. Would we have a better chance around the south side or north side of Turquoise Lake?

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    I've had little issue hitching out from that TH to Lville and back to it in the fall three times and once in late summer while the CG's around the lake are still open. I walk up to May Queen CG and ask for rides from people leaving it and thumbing from folks coming out from the other CG's on the North side exiting on the south side of the lake or those driving around the lake sightseeing. PU's and those fishing are good targets. The Lville Hostel shuttles to the TH and from Tennessee Pass. Small outfitter on Main St offered to do the same. In the times I've done it traffic has not been heavy but someone always stops.

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