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    Default Shuttle from Winding Gap to Fontana Dam

    I'm planning a 4 day hike in early October and trying to figure out where to arrange for a one way shuttle and long term parking. I plan on hiking back to my truck.

    Any advice?


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    Park at Fontana, not at Winding Stair Gap. More secure parking there. There have been issues in the past with cars being vandalized at Winding Stair Gap.

    There are multiple shuttle options in the area. You probably want to call around and find the best price. I have used The Hike Inn for shuttles in that area before with good results.

    Have fun on the hike, that is a great time for that section. Nice 4 day trip with some great views.

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    I always suggest Ron Brown for anything from Fontana south to Springer. He shuttled me from Deep Gap, NC south to Springer. Great guy first class

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