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    Default Pinched Nerve in foot?

    Feels like my foot is asleep, but I think I’ve pinched a nerve because it doesn’t “wake up” as I would expect it to.

    Any of you know a stretch to get the feeling back in my forefoot area?

    I googled it (bad idea?!) and found words like tibial nerve and facillus longus but don’t really know what to make of it, so I ask you the good people of whiteblaze dot net.

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    I’ve taken vitamin I.

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    Did you change the types of shoes that you are wearing recently?

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    The nerve might be pinched as it passes through your ankle, or through tying shoe laces too tightly and compressing the forefoot, this shoe idea is a good first start.

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    If your foot or parts of it are numb to the touch for long periods of time it may be beyond the considered diagnostic capability of this forum and there may be more going on than a pinched nerve. A trip to the doctor may be in order, especially if the problem does not change after a short time.

    FWIW - It could also be a problem created by your footwear. I had a similar problem with a pair of trail shoes and figured out when pulling the laces tight I had a similar sensation. I figured out it was nearly halfway down the foot from the ankle so I changed how the laces crossed over the spot and it went away.

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    Thanks for the replies! No change in my footwear and laced properly. I like the medical attention idea, if this remains much longer. This happened after a 50 mile outig on Saturday, should have added that.

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