I'm starting to form a plan to tackle the PCT in three sections. I originally wanted to do it all in one go, but over the last few months realized that I really don't care that its all on one go. Walking the entire PCT is the goal, everything else is for just braggin rights.

Splitting it up this way helps me fulfill my family obligations which would be a real issue if I tried to do the whole thing in one push. Also has the advantage of doing each section in the best weather, especially avoiding the snow in the Sierra.

My tentative plan:

1. Oregon and Washington: Dunsmuir CA first week of August 2019 hiking North to Canada finishing first/second week of October.

2. Desert section: Mexico Border late March of 2020 North to Kennedy Meadows end of April.

3. Sierra: Dunsmuir CA Mid August 2020 South to Kennedy Meadows by Mid October

Lots of other trailheads as options if something comes up.

Thoughts, options, modifications, concerns?