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    Default Long Distance Backpacking the Florida Trail book

    I am looking for the book "Long Distance Backpacking the Florida Trail". I found a photo of it on this page: Florida Trail books | Florida Trail Hikes. Does anyone have a copy they'd like to part with? Price? Trade?


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    I don't have that one, but I do have Hiking the Florida Trail by Johnny Molloy. If you're interested, I'd be happy to send it to you. It's going to need a new home by the end of January.

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    Thanks but I already have the Molloy, Sheridan and Umbarger books. As far as I know Long Distance Backpacking the Florida Trail is the only memoir I havenít read.

    I put together a short PDF of my section day hike of the FT. Iím happy to send it to anyone interested. PM email. I tried to get it in the Footprint magazine but there appears to be no interest.
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