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    Default Thrift shops in trail towns

    Have others made good use of the thrift shops in trail towns? The other day I was able to pick up a couple quality name brand collar shirts and shorts for about $4 in Kent, CT. Compared to doing an expensive wash for a few clothes, quality clothing at cheap prices seems an excellent option.

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    On my PCT section hikes I like to stop by a thrift store if I can before my flight back home. Ashland, OR had a Goodwill 'Boutique' store that was quite nice. Somehow flying home in my fancy but cheap silk collared shirt instead of my grungy hiking clothes made me feel human again (and I am sure the other passengers appreciated it)
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    Yep, thrift stores can come in handy and save you money. If the trip home is going to take awhile, it's nice to have a fresh set of clothes to travel in.
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