Hey all,

I'm working on a neat little project about the recent replacement of the northern terminus of the PCT and would like some help from all of you! I was on the the 6 person crew that went out and extracted the old northern terminus and installed the new identical northern terminus. I decided to film and document the whole process and create a mini-documentary/vlog/short video (whatever you want to call it).

This is where you come in. On the various PCT Facebook groups, I've been asking everyone to send me pictures of themselves standing next to the northern terminus and with your permission, will be including them in my video. Pictures can be with the old northern terminus AND the new one as well!

If you would like to contribute to this little project of mine, email the pictures to jeremycana@gmail.com. Also, include your trail names!

Thanks and happy trails!


P.S. I'm also hoping to crowd source a few b-roll shots from the community to fill in some empty space that I failed to record a few weeks ago during the actual replacement. Wide shots of the northern terminus, cinematic-esque shots of the trail, fun videos of yourselves at the northern terminus, etc. I will be sure to give you credit!