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    Default Grand Canyon Permit

    Today will be someone's lucky day. Due to a medical issue, I will be cancelling my Grand Canyon permit which will make those dates available for some lucky person.

    The permit I will send back is for

    9/16/18 Cottonwood Group site
    9/17/18 Bright Angel Group Site
    9/18/18 Bright Angel Group Site
    9/20/18 Indian Garden Group Site

    To qualify for a group site, your party needs to be 7 to 11 in size.

    The rules don't allow me to transfer the permit, so I am just giving it back. It is my understanding that the reservation will be reissued on a first to apply basis.

    I will be sending in my cancellation before noon today, west coast time.

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    Sorry you can't make it, but thanks for turning it back in for other folks to use. Those permits are hard to come by. I'll be there starting 11/1! Hope you can make it one day soon.
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