Yes there is a road that takes you to within a mile or so of the A.T at Barnjum. I live near there. It was fine last year. The road ends at several large boulders placed purposefully across the road to stop vehicles going further. You can park there and be on top of Lone Mtn in an hour or so or down at the Orbiton Stream in about 1.5 hrs.

If you follow the East Madrid Rd from Philllps for about 10 miles you eventually turn right onto the Barnjum Rd. This road deteriorates gradually and can seem sketchy but if you reach the boulders across it, you've gone the right way. Follow that same (overgrown) logging rd on foot and you'll eventually spot the A.T crossing it. Turn right to Lone Mtn, turn left to head down to the falls and up to Poplar Lean-to.

Good luck.