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    Default Colorado Trail Section Hike, June 2018

    PrologueI was beginning to think someone didn’t want me hiking this trail. Two mornings my truck wouldn’t start due to the cold and higher elevation. Then my backpack broke after I had already loaded it and stored it in a tote for the next day. I had to make a 120 mile trip to Colorado Springs to buy a replacement during which time I also got a nail in my tire. It was definitely an ordeal getting to this point, but two days after I was supposed to start we were finally on the trail…on the summer solstice aka Hike Naked Day (and no, I did not).

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    This was only Part 1...can't edit title

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    Nicely done. Will read the rest when you post it.
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    Part 2:

    Day 3 – Frenchman Creek Campsite to Silver Creek Campsite (9 miles)Kye startled me awake this morning with a few barks at 6:30. Kye rarely barks and it had me on edge not knowing what it was. I called out “what’s out there” thinking it was a critter if some kind. A voice answered back “it’s just me”…like I would know who “me” was. Either way the voice confirmed it was a person although I hadn’t expected to have another person walk through my campsite so early in the morning. It was only later that I realized there was another trail (French Creek Trail) that went right by where I was camped.

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    I too would have thought someone was trying to tell me not to do that trip, but glad it worked out for you. Maybe I need to bring a dog with me on future trips to take care of all the extra food I always have leftover! Great report, nice pics...thanks for sharing!
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