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    if you pack smart and do your homework, you can easily get your total weight down at/below 20 pounds.

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    I know I'm behind the times but I've experimented with cuben. Other than the weight, the only thing I like about it is that is doesn't hold water. It is easy to repair too but it needs it more often. And my cuben tarp was noisy. It wasn't a deal-breaker but I prefer silnylon for stretch, and noise. I have cuben stuff sacks I still use as they shave an ounce or two and they are generally water resistant.

    For me, and everyone has their own thing, I just don't see the need to trim my pack weight much below 11-12 lbs (without food/water/fuel) and I don't need cuben to hit that. The last long hike I did (1200 miles) I carried 16-17 lbs base weight. I was younger then but once I get below a certain threshold it just didn't make much difference. A 14lb pack isn't significantly different than carrying a 16lb pack. Your body weight and your fitness for hiking have a much bigger impact than those last few ounces you gain.

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    My Zpack shelters have been great. I purchased the Hexamid when they first came out, and recently purchased the Altaplex for a little more room. I never used a footprint with my Hexamid - desert, alpine, forest, it has always held up great and provided good protection. I've heard mixed reviews on the packs, but have not used one.

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