Poll: How do you feel about Goretex and its competitors?

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    Quote Originally Posted by QiWiz View Post
    None work as I would like them to when I'm active (hiking).
    In camp, some allow for layers inside to dry out as body heat pushes the moisture out. Of these, I like eVent the best that I have tried.
    Just my 2 cents, YMMV.
    What he said. I have hiked with a pole and I don't know if anyone has the problem I encountered. With my arm up there is actually water from my sweat that pools in the elbow section and when I put my arm down it comes pouring out. The only time it really works is in hot weather when you are sweating and usually dries from the inside out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MuddyWaters View Post
    Yep, dirt, sweat, oils all reduce hydrophobic properties.

    Luckily, dir is superceded by permanently repellent fabrics like Columbia dwr is so innefective you wont see it in a few yrs in rainjackets
    Umm could be wrong but eVent and Gore tex and DWR's aren't going to be abandoned in a few yrs. One of the complaints in WP/Breathable tech is DWR's don't last. Yes, that can be the case, but suggesting Columbia Outcry is the answer to infinite usage while being immune to perform fall offs is yet to be seen. There's a lot of WP marketing hype happening. Columbia is not immune! The flip side that no one is talking about is there's also quite a bit of ANTI WP breathable hype happening!

    It amazes me that some well known hiking gurus will talk about about DWR degradation and WP breathable longevity yet are in the habit of using and replacing some of the flimsiest trail runners as often as every 400 trail miles and other gear, including apparel...and have promoted some gear companies that have gone so UL durability, useful lifespans and performance fall offs were highly questionable for the masses' best interests and even among those more advanced users applying high levels of TLC. COULD IT BE there are preconceived pro "getting wet and being happy" notions possibly arrived at from other activities engaged in their typical contextual usage that are playing into cross over perspectives in hiking and backpacking?

    NO gear and optimal performances of it lasts forever. Maybe, treating it all that way leads to a more personally responsible, "healthier" and sobering relationship with gear and the outdoors?

    There are better quality longer lasting DWR's(up to the User to make the best choice for their situations), better WP fabric tech approaches, BETTER regular maintenance procedures(User care), better layering apps in awareness of the conditions and perhaps alternative and BETTER approaches to hiking under varying conditions... that could be embraced

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