I section hike the at in 60-100 mile increments every fall
My section this year started at the mt rogers welcome center and ended at
woods hole hostel
The weather was unseasonably warm the first two days, cold windy rain for two days, then scattered showers/cool my last two days. Although common weather on the trail, was my worse weather by far for my annual hike.
Ive used my jacket/rainpants very little on my trips because i rarely experienced significant rain but
ALWAYS packed them just in case
The point of my post is this...
The jacket (i never wore the pants) saved my trip
It at least made the week bearable
The warmth that it provides too, is amazing
It is UL, seems to breath some, cuts the wind, is waterproof, and seems durable (enough)
The fit is huge though, flaps in the wind. I wish it were longer too, 4-6 inches maybe.
But for the price,weight,packability, breathable, waterproof....
Somewhat of a gear snob here, it still amazes me as i write this how well it served my for wind/rain protection
I would like to hear of something even close (i really would)
i hope this semi-review can help a hiker or two