I got into backpacking 3 years ago. I live in South Florida and there are not alot of opportunities for hiking here. Yes, i know about the Florida trail and have hiked a small portion of it. But, it's not the same as being in the mountains.

What I decided to do.....3 years ago..... was work here in Florida thru the winter months then go hiking in the summer.

I am a 57 year old male.....grew up in WV..... and am exploring the idea of moving closer.....permantly maybe....to hiking areas. At least then I could get out on weekends and be around others that hike also.

I have googled and read about places such as Chattanooga, Johnson City, Roanoke, Knoxville. I would like to stay in southeast but maybe Vermont, or new Hampshire or upstate New York.

Would like to get some thoughts from people that live in places that are hiking friendly. Real life experience if you will. Thanks in advance.

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