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    Quote Originally Posted by AsoloBootsSuk View Post
    That is a great pic, sorry, back to hoodies
    That pic is of Little Mitten and by gosh she's wearing a hood.


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    Quote Originally Posted by putts View Post
    Once you go hood, you're in it for good.
    Not me, I can't make up my mind. I've cut hoods off of jackets and sewn hoods onto jackets. I always carry a sun hat and a beanie; sometimes I carry a hoodie.

    I like a super-stretchy fleece hood, but not if it's less stretchy. I'm most comfortable with a beanie, buff around my neck, and zip-less pullover. That means three items though and a hoodie is more convenient. If you warm up just flip it off, if cold put it up. It's never forgotten and doesn't take up pocket space. Hoods work well with baseball caps. For sleeping I like a soft fleece beanie that I can pull down over my eyes to keep old-man-moon from waking me up. On a wind shell a hood is critical but on a fleece less so.

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