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    Default Lean-Tos listed in order, S >N

    Carlo Col
    Full Goose
    Speck Pond
    Frye Notch
    Hall Mountain
    Bemis Mountain
    Sabbath Day Pond
    Piazza Rock
    Poplar Ridge
    Spaulding Mountain
    Horns Pond
    Little Bigelow
    West Carry Pond
    Pierce Pond
    - The Kennebec River -
    Pleasant Pond
    Bald Mountain Brook
    Moxie Bald
    Horseshoe Canyon
    - 100 mile wilderness -
    Leeman Brook
    Wilson Valley
    Long Pond Stream
    Cloud Pond
    Chairback Gap
    Carl A. Newhall
    Logan Brook
    East Branch
    Cooper Brook Falls
    Potaywadjo Spring
    Wadleigh Stream
    Rainbow Stream
    Hurd Brook
    - Baxter State Park -
    The Birches - $9 fee
    Last edited by TJ aka Teej; 02-19-2004 at 23:15. Reason: New fee at the Birches for 2004

    "[ATers] represent three percent of our use and about twenty percent of our effort," retired Baxter Park Director Jensen Bissell.

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