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    Default Share a campsite Katahdin Stream July 31st

    Im planning to start my SoBo thru and summit Katahdin on the 31st of July. Baxters website says they are all booked up. Does anyone have a reservation with room for one more the night of the 31st? I hang a hammock and am happy to split the cost.

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    Why not stay at the Birches?

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    Quote Originally Posted by flemdawg1 View Post
    Why not stay at the Birches?
    Sobos who start at Katahdin are not considered thruhikers and therefore can not stay at The Birches. There are already Nobos headed into the park.

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    What about Abol campsite? If sites are available you could book two nights, then ascent Mt. K on the Abol Trail, descend via the Hunt Trail (the official AT route), and hitch or walk the 2 miles back to Abol Campsite.

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    Thats a thought. Im already setup for the SoBo special at the AT lodge though.

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    So in that case, you won't need a campsite? Or will you need one for one night?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiptoe View Post
    So in that case, you won't need a campsite? Or will you need one for one night?
    I believe they drop you off at the park gate and say "good luck", but I think they can get you all the way to the Katahdin stream campground. Which is apparently full. Go figure. No good solution to this problem.

    Three bad solutions :
    1) skip Katahdin and just head south.
    2) go to Monson first, hike the HMW and now you qualify as a thru hiker and can enter the park as such. Turn around and hike back to Monson or get a shuttle.
    3) do an insanely long day from Abol Bridge up and back.
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    Yes I only need a campsite for the night after I summit. I was hoping to find someone with a reservation and a spot to spare before going. Short of that my thought is to try and make a friend during the assent and bum a spot for the night or suck it up and hike all the way out of the park that night.

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